Yard and Garden Trends for 2006

Yard and Garden Trends for 2006

Spring has sprung, and another exciting season of gardening is upon us! Gardening has made a huge resurgence in recent years, as the hobby of choice for thousands of homeowners across this great country of ours. Our task, in this article, is to document some of the hottest trends in yard and garden décor for 2006. Are you ready?

One thing we have noted over the years is the increasing use of yard space as an extension of one’s home. With each passing season, more and more homeowners are treating their patios and decks as yet another room.

With the ever decreasing amount of land available for housing development, it would appear that the pleasure of having an extensive backyard space is becoming a thing of the past. So what is a homeowner to do? You have to make the best of the space you have available.

The whole notion of creating a backyard that is but an extension of one’s home can be challenging to comprehend. In essence, this is a way to create a livable space that is both comfortable and low-maintenance. One of this year’s biggest trends is to move towards these low-maintenance, attractive spaces. The best place to start, if you are considering this sort of backyard transformation, is to give some thought to “hardscaping”.

Hardscaping (or hard landscaping) can be defined as creating the skeleton of your yard through the use of physical elements such as pathways, patios, and decks. To give yourself some idea of what the end result might look like, consider spending some time producing some sketches.

After the fixed elements are in place, it is simply a matter of accessorizing your new “room”. You can approach this the same way you would approach interior decorating. Wicker and rattan furniture continues to be extremely popular, as it is both versatile and stands up well to the elements of nature. For an extremely fair price, you can find quality wicker or rattan furniture to meet your every need.

On the gardening side of things, the use of planters and pots has reached fever pitch. The wonderful thing about using planters and pots is that you can move them whenever the need arises. Another recent trend we have spotted this year is the creation of vertical gardens, employing the use of lattice and other materials. These garden types are especially useful when you have limited space to work with. Happy Gardening!

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