Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Most people in the United States would positively associate Westinghouse as one of the country’s original power company that also among the very first few who introduced ceiling fans. These fans are known and considered antiquated but very valuable and there are actually several ceiling fan manufacturers today who made replicas of the original models of the Westinghouse ceiling fans. However, due to the introduction of some innovative cooling systems, ceiling fans were rendered obsolete and the company, along with the few others were forced to stop production due to the decline in the demand.

It is only recently that Westinghouse ceiling fans are once again one of the top players in the industry. This feat was actually made possible by the Angelo Brother Company who has thought of actually licensing the name and trademark of the famous brand from the Westinghouse Electric Corporation. For years, the Angelo brother solely concentrated on the production of light bulbs and consequently they were able to obtain Encon International, another manufacturer of ceiling fans. This led to the production of Westinghouse ceiling fans that have certainly captured the interest of consumers who have known and has a high regard for the brand in the past.

Currently, the Westinghouse ceiling fans are quite reasonably priced and are specifically designed to be sold at hardware and discount stores in response to the proliferation of home center brands such as the equally famous Hampton Bay and Harbor Breeze. Westinghouse ceiling fans also has a special line of expensive fans that incorporates innovative designs and features for the upper class market. One of the most popular series is the Instaloc Assembly Systems that is already assembled prior hand at the factories and eliminates the need to screw the parts in since it can easily be installed by snapping a few parts together. This means one can effectively cut down the installation time by a significant 75%. This particular feature is one of the things Westinghouse ceiling fans are best known for.

If you are contemplating on buying some innovative ceiling fans that that’s lesser time and fuss during installation, then consider buying a Westinghouse ceiling fan. The standard the people have come to expect from Westinghouse products have been strictly kept under tight quality control system. You can be rest assured that each ceiling fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty and at the same time you can enjoy the great value for your money.

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