Solar Energy

Want More Buyers When Selling Your Home?


How to Increase the Value of Your Home with Solar Energy Solar systems add value to the home because they produce a measurable and essential commodity with a tangible value, and they require minimal maintenance. Recent research has shown that a solar energy set-up increases the likelihood of a home being bought and increases the value of the home if the solar unit is purchased rather than leased. Many homebuyers are skeptical and resistant to buying into a pre-arranged lease agreement that usually lasts about twenty years. However, a purchased unit promises energy independence and financial profit that is available to homeowners who sell surplus energy units back into the public grid. Even when the purchased unit is attached to a financing arrangement, the profit potential remains attractive. A properly designed solar system will eliminate the homeowner’s electricity bill under most circumstances. It will also begin generating excess power to be sold back into the grid immediately upon installation after fully powering the home. Many times, these economically positive factors equal or even exceed the amount of the system’s monthly financed bill. Once the solar system is paid for, homeowners can look forward to electrical energy at no cost along and a reliable income that is certain to increase over time as energy costs continue to rise.
Solar System Options Solar systems with conventional solar panels last much longer than the twenty years that most leases are based on. In twenty years, solar panels operate with 90 to 97 percent of the solar efficiency they possessed when first purchased and installed. Solar systems that use film instead of panels are convenient to install and are more discreet, however, the film needs to be replaced more often. There are also solar systems that track the path of the sun. They can be installed on the roof as an auxiliary feature to conventional solar panels, or small panels can be mounted on poles. Their ability to track the sun all day greatly enhances their solar efficiency, thus they require a smaller set-up. Solar systems can be designed to provide power for much more than the appliances, lighting, and entertainment systems that families use in their daily lives. Solar power is now used to heat water for the home, the pool, and even run the jets in your spa. Solar systems can ease the homeowners concerns about using air conditioners and appliances on hot days when the public grid can be stressed to the point of overload and blackout. Homeowners who desire the security of knowing their solar system will provide electrical service even in the case of blackouts can design a system that feeds electricity to the grid and also has a back-up battery. The backup battery system can see them through an air conditioned day and an illuminated night. The system works with such solar efficiency that the battery is recharged every day. Once the battery is fully charged, surplus electricity is fed into the grid. Homeowners with a dual solar system with a backup battery enjoy the benefits of dependable electricity while receiving income from electrical units sold to the grid; and they can take pride in being a service to their community by feeding the grid green energy in times of increasing need. Exciting new designs and features for solar energy systems are continually being developed and refined. It is very encouraging to have a growing variety of options for solar systems with ever-increasing solar efficiency. Purchased solar energy systems promise long-term increasing value to the home as grid-fed energy costs continue to rise. Clearly, investing in solar energy is a wise choice for homeowners preparing to sell.

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