Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener (2)

Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

If you like the outdoors and you are involved with hiking, hunting and backpacking you will need your blades sharp. If you want that constant sharpness then you will need the Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener. This is one tool that you need when you love to explore the great outdoors. This tool will give you a steady supply of sharp blades when you are out fishing or in the woods.
This tool has a tapered round diamond-coated rod which is called the Pocket Pal. It can easily fold out when it is needed which is ideal to sharpening either serrated or standard edges. The tool boasts of carbide blades that are made to restore dull edges. The ceramic stones and the carbide blades are easily replaceable and can also be used in reverse to extend its service life especially if you do sharpening a lot.
What’s more, this tool can easily fit your pocket. It only measures about three and a half inches and also an inch wide. It only weighs an ounce and has a hole that can accommodate a lanyard which makes this tool easier to carry. The carbide blades do quick sharpening for dull edges. Indeed, the product is an all-around sharpener which makes it a very useful companion outdoors. There are a lot of expensive models available in the market that can do the job. However, the portability makes it a cut above the rest. The performance is superb in sharpening different kind of knives that you will be using when you are engaged outdoors.
Suffice it to say that the tool is designed to do quick sharpening work which is feasible especially when you are outdoors. Emergency sharpening? This took will take the job but you will have to be an expert to keep the edges from nicked. Of course, professional sharpeners can do a better job than this tool which is more suitable for expensive cutlery. If you want to do quick sharpening this is the tool to use.
What makes this tool a bit a downer is the sharpening angle is predetermined. The rods can get loose and end up damaged. It can also miss sharpening the knives effectively.
Instability can become a downer on the small contact points if you put too much pressure. The force is focused only on a small area because of the small blade. Nicks can result because of the slightly wavy edge. The waviness can become obvious when you continue to use the sharpener.
Using this outdoors this is the tool that should do the job well. Just remember that this will not result to superb quality of sharpening that you will expect on more expensive sharpeners. The pre-aligned angles of the blades will give you too little options to operate; it takes a lot of creativity to make your sharpening efficient. In order to sharpen the knives you have to be skillful and it takes a lot of practice.
For the outdoors man that wants to have a portable sharpener in his pocket then go out and buy this. The price is unparalleled and the performance is up to expectations. You will reap a lot of benefit when you choose to use this tool and sharpen your blades when you are out hunting or fishing outdoors.

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