Seiko Watch – The Most Dependable Watch In The Universe

Seiko Watch – The Most Dependable Watch In The Universe

Seiko watches are synonymous with Japan. The word Seiko means exquisite, success or miniature. The company was born in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori of K. Hattori & Co., Ltd.. The first Seiko watch was produced in 1913 and since then there was no looking back.

If you are looking for a dependable quartz watch then a Seiko watch is definitely for you. The unique thing about early Japan watches was that they were based on lunar movements as apposed to the watches of the west, which were inspired by the movement of the sun. This tradition soon gave way to the western system and today the entire world follows the sun’s movements to record time. Seiko mass-produced quartz watches which were exported by Japan all over the world. Quartz watches are based on the theory that quartz crystals generate electricity when pressure is applied, thus precise quartz time came into being. But today Seiko watches have moved far ahead of being just quartz watches. Seiko developed the kinetic technology that is the worlds fist batter less watch that is as precise as quartz. The first pocket watch made by Seiko was called the Time Keeper. Seiko watches saw world wars and earthquakes but survived it all and today are seen all over the world on many wrists. The first women’s quartz watches, the first LCD watch with a six-digit display as well as the first quartz dress watch were all Seiko watches.

Seiko also developed digital watches though they were not the first to launch them. These high performance though low cost digitals have in one time or the other adorned almost all wrists. These digitals are used as stop watches and sports chronographs and are valued for their high precision. It is easy to tell time in the digital Seiko watches even by children who have not learnt to read time.

Seiko watches are mass-produced. Though not known for their uniqueness they are valued for their sleek styles as well as affordable ranges, needless to mention precise time telling abilities. Both genders find watches according to their taste and budget in the Seiko range of watches. But the relevance of Seiko watches in today’s time is far more than ever before. The creation of the battery less watch has done wonders for the environment. In today’s day when the need to protect and guard our environment is evident to us, Seiko watches which batter less seem to be the need of time. Watches like the Perpetual calendar, which is a Seiko watch, too are heaven sent since the date changes automatically in them and they have a battery life that lasts a decade. The Kinetic auto relay is another Seiko watch to marvel at. The watch goes to sleep when not in use and can be awakened even after four long years to tell the precise time.

Digital, quartz or battery less whatever the range might be the ruler of these watches is definitely the Seiko watches.

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