My husband and I have decided that we are going to redecorate our bedroom area

My husband and I have decided that we are going to redecorate our bedroom area

Our bedroom is the loft of our A-framed house. It is a very large space that includes a bathroom, a dressing area and the main room. There are also French doors that lead out to a small deck that over looks the lake. The previous owners liked wallpaper and dark woods. The wall with the French doors had navy blue wall paper with burgundy flowers with dark green leaves. The side walls had a coordinating stripped wall paper and the bathroom and dressing room areas were paneled. The paneling had a dark mahogany stain. The overall effect was like living in a cave.

We began by tearing off the wallpaper and painting the walls a restful shade of green. We also primed and painted the paneling. This was a long process, but we loved the new bright look in the room. Next we went shopping for bedroom furniture. I wanted to have our home office in this space as well so we needed to choose pieces that would not take up a great deal of space. We looked at several stores that carry bedroom furniture but we did not find anything that we liked better than the dressers and armoire that we already had. We went home and rearranged the bedroom furniture that we already had. We did this to make room for a desk and shelving for the office space. The new arrangement made the room look bigger. We found a desk and matching shelving unit that complimented our bedroom furniture. With the new paint, having the dark paneling and wallpaper gone and having the furniture arranged in a different way the entire space looks new.

This is a great and inexpensive way to give rooms a new look by simply moving pieces of furniture and trying new paint colors. We have found that the color of paint can make a dramatic effect on the appearance of a room. If we would have left the dark paneling and wallpaper in our room and bought new bedroom furniture the room would not have looked any different. Sometimes the cheaper cosmetic changes will have the largest overall effect.

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