Mosquito Curtains

Mosquito Curtains

Do you want a fashionable way to keep mosquitoes out of your porch? Mosquito curtains are a perfect addition to a lovely porch, gazebo, pergola, and other outdoor sitting areas that are too beautiful to hide inside permanent insect screens.

Mosquito curtains are so much cheaper than the typical screen porch. They can be installed in as little as two hours and are custom-made to ensure a perfect “fit”. Mosquito curtains can also be removed whenever you feel like it and can be installed in areas such as: gazebos, porches, pergolas, boat houses, cottages, patios and those structures with roofs.

Mosquitoes can ruin a perfect day outdoors. Even if the weather is at its best, lounging on the patio can turn ugly if you are hounded by a swarm of mosquitoes ready to take a bite out of you. Most people turn to the good old bug zappers to repel mosquitoes. Others would rather use the electronic devices that emit high-frequency sounds to drive the mosquitoes away. However, none of these devices can assure you of keeping the whole population far from your sitting area.

Of course, there you can always opt to have a screen-in patio. This alternative is quite expensive though and will not likely let you enjoy most of the outdoor feel. The permanent mosquito screens make you feel like your boxed in and have a stiff feel to it. Great substitute for these are the mosquito curtains. They don’t give you the caged-in atmosphere that the screens do. Mosquito curtains can also be removed if you like to have an open-air atmosphere. They can be washed and are easy to reinstall.

Not all the times do mosquitoes decide to give us a visit. When it is time for them to make our lives miserable, we don’t have to lock ourselves in the house and wait for them to fly off to some distant place. We did not build our porches and patios for the mosquitoes to enjoy during spring. The varied mosquito repellents in the market are not a sure-fire way to get them off our back while we sit outdoors. The mosquito curtains have been used by a lot of people who wish to enjoy the comforts and luxury of their porches without the presence of nuisances.

Mosquito curtains do not guarantee to ward off mosquitoes one hundred percent. But they are the most convenient and effective means of making your porch serve its purpose. And during the times that mosquitoes are somewhere else, you have the full liberty of enjoying the breeze without the interference of the mosquito curtains. Using mosquito curtains results in the absence or diminished mosquito population, and admittedly, takes the fun out of swatting at them.

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