Indoor Lighting For Your Living Room & Dining Room

Indoor Lighting For Your Living Room & Dining Room

Most homeowners like to constantly redecorate their homes to change the mood or add a new feel to it. Most do this by either buying a new set of furniture, or perhaps merely rearranging the furniture pieces to another part of the room. Re-painting the furniture or the room to another color is also done. Lest you forget, redesigning your indoor lighting may prove to be more effective in getting the desired effects you want out of your place.

With indoor lighting, you can mix it out and try different combinations of lighting that you prefer to get. The options are limitless and boundless. The limits are dictated by your imagination. So why not improve the look and feel of your indoors by making use of indoor lighting techniques?

Lighting is often categorized in four types: Ambient Lighting, Accent Lighting, Task Lighting, and Decorative Lighting. Remember that you may combine any of these lighting depending on the effect you want out of your indoor lighting design.

Ambient lighting or what is also called general lighting provides a comfortable degree of brightness to the area, making it safe to move around. Accent Lighting highlights an object in a particular area and makes it stand out. Task Lighting provides you with just enough light to aide you in doing your hobby, paperwork, or even gaming. Decorative Lighting gives a certain degree of exquisiteness unique only to your home.

For your indoor lighting, let us start off with your living room. It is beautiful to position different lighting sources to the various heights within the room. Perhaps place a translucent table lamp, and then add halogen downlights close to the wall especially if your walls have a unique texture. If you have plants inside, you may make use of a floor-mounted fixture under it to create a distinct pattern on the ceiling. Utilizing dimmer lights may also be nice as you can vary the brightness levels. You can lower the brightness level when you are with your special someone and want the mood to be romantic, or perhaps warm & lively when you are with a group of friends and on special activities with family friends.

Let’s move on to your dining room. It would be fit for a chandelier to be there, layered with other light sources to be able to control the mood of the room as appropriate, and maintaining flexibility for different functions. The use of dimmers may also prove to be practical, as you may vary the brightness levels according to the number of people on the area. The use of candlelight will prove to be classy and formal.

Indoor lighting applied stylishly will prove to be the best thing you have ever done to raise the loveliness of your home to a new level.

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