How To Take Care Of Your Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is an electrical accessory that can make your home stylish and elegant. Fitting your dining room with a light color fan that matches well with the dining table and glasses will enhance the look and feel of your room. Reading your favorite novel, watching TV or any other favorite activity under a ceiling fan will keep you cooler. Ceiling fans come in various shapes, sizes and colors. You can buy a ceiling fan on the Internet, at a lighting store, or in some major department stores. Here are a few points that will assist you in taking care of your ceiling fan to extend its life.

Decide whether you or any professional will install the fan. If you want a professional to do the job, remember that you have to pay his charges. Though all the fans come with the detailed operational manual on how to fit the fan, it is advisable to call an expert if you do not know how to wire. It is possible to install the fan within a day.

Modern day fans are easy to operate. Some of them will have a small chain that you can grasp easily to switch on the fan and control the speed. Another chain will be provided to control the light switch. However many models come with a switch fitted on the wall. You can easily change between the speeds of low, medium and high by either pulling the chain or clicking the switch.

Clean the blades of the ceiling fan every week. This ensures the best possible flow of air, besides consuming less electricity. The top portion above the blade is the dirtiest one. You can easily clean it with vacuum cleaner with a hose attached to it. This ensures the cleaner to reach the high spots. Alternatively, you can wipe the portion with a non-abrasive cleaning spray or polish. This will ensure you enjoy the cool breeze provided by your ceiling fan for many years.