How To Coordinate Mauve Bathroom Accessories for Maximum Impact

How To Coordinate Mauve Bathroom Accessories for Maximum Impact

Mauve bathroom accessories come in many different styles and with a little bit of research, you can find the exact right ones for you. If you are decorating a bathroom and have a desire to find mauve bathroom accessories, you’ll need to make some decisions before you begin your search. First of all, identify what style you are looking for-do you want your mauve bathroom accessories to be sleek and stylish? Or would you prefer a homier, country look? How about an exotic Asian themed bathroom in mauve? Whatever you want is fine, just be certain that you know what you are looking for ahead of time so you can narrow down the search.

Next, take a look at what you have to work with. A surprising number of bathrooms have mauve fixtures-toilets and tubs and sinks. If this is the case, you might want to choose the rest of your mauve bathroom accessories carefully. Perhaps you will want to look for bathroom accessories that have only a touch of mauve in the overall design, so as not to overpower people. You could also think about choosing different color towels to coordinate with the mauve plumbing fixtures. Then again, sometimes it can be fun to go all out and choose all mauve bathroom accessories to coordinate with the existing mauve fixtures. Just as tone on tone is a fashionable choice in clothing, there’s no reason tone on tone in bathrooms can’t work, too.

Once you’ve made decisions about overall style and whether you’ll be using complementary colors or more mauve, then it’s time to start looking for mauve bathroom accessories in earnest. You might even want to start by searching for bathroom accessories such as towel racks and toilet tissue holders and robe hooks. Few fixtures will come in mauve, though if you search enough you’ll probably be able to find them. However, bathroom fixtures come in wonderful colors and materials that will coordinate with your other mauve bathroom accessories-black iron, for instance, or chrome, or brass. You can even buy light fixtures that will match these bathroom fixtures, so that everything can be coordinated.

Now you’ve made overall color and style choices, and decided on your bathroom fixtures. Here comes the fun-choosing your mauve bathroom accessories. They come in so many different styles and materials-porcelain, resin, ceramic, plastic (great for families with small children) glass, and many others. Most people prefer to have coordinated bathroom accessories, meaning your toothbrush holder, tissue cover, tumbler, wastebasket and soap dispenser will all match. Some themes that would work well for mauve bathroom accessories would be a tropical themes, pink flamingoes, floral garden, or glitter and glitz. After you’ve chosen your mauve bathroom accessories, move onto towels and a bathroom rug. Choose towels that are oversized and fluffy, velour finished, or with classical lines, according to your overall bathroom style. Peruse online sites or visit your home improvement store. You’ll have a blast making your bathroom full of pizzazz with mauve bathroom accessories.

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