Embroidered cushions covers

Embroidered cushions covers

Cushions covers is a way to spruce up an entire room after spring cleaning or for protection during events where you want to keep unpleasant substances from destroying the look and usefulness of your expensive upholstered furniture.

Cushions covers have been traditionally used contain padding, provide extra detail and cushioning, or for simply decorative reasons. Cushions covers appear in portrait detail from the Middle Ages when they tended to be much more elaborate, including embroidered details, blackwork and scarletwork embroidery, lace or tatting. Cushions covers in silk were common, and the interior padding or stuffing might be made of horsehair or other organic materials such as straw or reeds.

Embroidered cushions covers on a heavy cotton backing were common in historical working class family homes. Since it was considered almost a sin for hands to be idle, embroidery was used by young and old women alike to add a touch of beauty to household items such as cushions covers.

With the influence of plastic in everyday life, cushions covers made of clear plastic were quite common additions to even living room furniture. The clear plastic allowed the cushion of silk or cotton fabric to be seen while protecting it from unwanted spills and stains. Unfortunately sitting on plastic is not the most comfortable way to relax, so the reverse action became quite prevalent. Plastic cushions were covered with lightweight silk or cotton cushions covers which could be removed for washing or dry cleaning.

Although upholstery fabric has become much more stain resistant, it’s still nice to be able to remove and clean soiled cushions covers with ease. In fact, it is fairly common to provide either removable cushions covers or extra cushions covers to allow for replacement either due to wear or for cleaning. In this way, the cushions and upholstery on your couch can remain fresh and new looking in spite of hard usage.

Cushions covers in fabric or silk are also quite common for dining room chairs. Many people like the look of solid wood, but prefer something a bit softer for comfort while eating. Detachable cushions covers for seats and backs of wood chairs are available in fabrics ranging from silk to plastic. The detachable cushion appearance is often found in Early American style furniture

Whether you choose cushions covers for looks, durability or simply to accent the style of your furniture they are an attractive and economical way to renovate your décor.

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