Directory Submissions- How To Submit To Directories

Despite passage of time, making directory submissions about your website can still get you some benefit. If you want to know the ways to get your website listed and the best directories that you should submit your website to, then let us show you the ropes.

This article will give you a complete and concise brief on how you can submit to directors, the importance of timely submissions and the best directories for you. So, without much ado, let us get started. I hope you will find this piece explanatory and beneficial.

Typically speaking, directory submissions are an integral part of link building and one of the most assured ways to build a repository of one way links that direct the viewer to your website.

Before I get into the details of directory submission, I’d like to bring to your attention a major issue that can impede this link building process. I have observed that many of my clients go slack on renewing their URLs and end up losing the URLs as they have already been ordered back by the domain resellers. And then my clients end up buying their domains at a very high price, as they have no choice left! The reason these domain names are so dear is because these URLs have become excellent resources.

It’s very important that you have your URL and have paid in advance to ensure that it stays yours for a long time. Remember, if you fail in doing this, you will loose control over your domain name and hence link building program will be a complete waste. Having said this, let’s get into the details of this tool.

Did you know that largest directory project is the ODP or the open directory project? Also known as the Google directory, many people are of the opinion that getting approval for this is very difficult, but in my opinion all you need to do is follow the basic steps and ride easily through the submission process for Google as well as other big directories like Yahoo etc.

Since the submissions are scrutinized by human editors, multiple submissions are not very popular with these editors. Nevertheless, if you have multiple categories on your website, you can simply submit categorized content under different sections of the directories. For example if you have a website on interior design with one category on lights and another on furniture, you can divide them into sub domains such as “interior lighting” and “living room furniture.” And no, the directories won’t consider them as spam because they are under two different topics.

Note: It’s always good to have just one URL when you submit to any directory. This is especially beneficial for branding purposes.

The reason why submitting to directories is hard, is that directories want relevant listings and if the listing aren’t good they won’t get any traffic. So your directory submission should be relevant and one when your site is completely operational and ready to be viewed. Ensure that viewers can at least get to see basic content with live links on your website before you submit your website URL to a directory. Even if it just a single page website, you must make sure that everything is functional and well formatted.

Now that you have a proper and functioning site, and not just a domain name, with proper and relevant content on the category of your choice, all you’re left to do is use the proper forms for providing an eye-catching description for your website, right titles, and, live links. And voila! You are LISTED.

Writing Descriptions

I’d suggest you keep the descriptions unemotional, brief and straight. Avoid superlatives, (ex. best lighting options in the world!” instead try – “beautiful and modern lighting designs for your home.” This is a good description. And remember you don’t need to make any sale pitch; just submit to the directory for eyeballs.

The prime reason for submitting to a directory is to generate one way back links. After all, the editor checking your submission application may not be pleased with fluffy and spammy keywords that describe your website. They may even decide to reject your application! So the best thing to do is digest the guidelines provided and ensure that your work follows these guidelines earnestly.

Linking your website is easy. You can link to anyone you want and you can’t ever have enough one way links! I can only say that the more directories that you can submit to and link with, the better it will be for your business and you.