Buying Full Metal Or Partially Metal Bar Stools

Buying Full Metal Or Partially Metal Bar Stools

When ever you hear of metal bar stools, you think either standard bar stools with backrests stools with metal legs and swivel seats, or bar stools made entirely from metal with basic seats. The difference is significant, because each has advantages and disadvantages. This all depends on what the bar stools are to be used for.

Ordinary bar stools that boast metal legs with cushioned swivel seating and are set up in all kinds of settings. They are what many of us think of when we envisage early fifties cafes with stools at their bars. The seats are often vinyl. This type of bar stool is great in a retro diner or in your home or game room.

Then there are bar stool completely made from metal. These are in general made of aluminium or stainless steel. They usually have back rests, but no arms. These bar stools are very good where a heavy use of the said bar stools are expected to be used. The all metal bar stools are not the best looking stools in the world, but they don’t serve a very good purpose and being completely made of metal they are a lot cheaper to make and therefore to purchase.

Other than their bland look, one other possible disadvantage of choosing completely a metal bar stool is that the bar stool seats have no cushioning. If you have guests seated in them for more any length of time, they will find it quite uncomfortable. No one likes to sit for long on something hard and cold for very long as comfort is very important.

One solution to this problem is to buy some soft cushions can be tied to the stool or to the back rest of the bar stool. This will make people more comfortable and you will have absolute charge over the colours and patterns, making it far easier to blend the bar stools with the rest of the rooms back drop. One point to think about, the cushion on the bar stool will slide about the seat or back rest a lot so it would be a good idea to add Velcro strips or tie ropes to keep the cushions in place.

If you do choose metal bar stools, pay meticulous attention to the type of metal used. Aluminium is light, so if you expect to be moving the bar stools around a lot, that’s your best option. If, on the other hand, you anticipate keeping the bar stools in more or less the same place, stainless steel or wrought iron is often the more stylish material, even though it’s a lot heavier.

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