Learn About The Different Types Of Mattresses

Learn About The Different Types Of Mattresses

The Different Types of Mattresses

So, you’re finally ready to toss out that saggy old mattress and buy a new one. You’ve even decided what size you want and are ready to start shopping. However, do you know which of the different types of mattresses is right for you?

There are three common mattress types: innerspring, foam, and airbed. Of course, not all mattresses of a certain type are the same. Some are made with low quality materials, while others are top of the line models.

Most people use an innerspring mattress. This mattress type has been around since people discovered that a mattress made of springs covered in some sort of padding was much more comfortable to sleep on than a mattress stuffed with straw or horsehair. When you are shopping for an innerspring mattress set, you should look for several important things: the type of padding in the mattress, the type of coils being used, and how the box spring is made.

Mattress padding made from high density foam is the best type, since it does not compact like low density foam or polyester fiber filling. Besides compacting and becoming uncomfortable to sleep on, these cheaper padding materials are prone to mildew since they do not dry out quickly if they become damp.

Innerspring mattresses are often advertised as having a certain number of coils. Buyers mistakenly think that mattresses that have more coils are the best. However, the material the coils are made of is actually more important. Look for steel springs that have been oven tempered. Other types of springs simply don’t hold up with extended use and are not as comfortable to sleep on.

Once you find a good mattress, don’t forget to take a close look at the box spring. A box spring made from solid steel or wood will not provide proper support for the mattress. A good box spring is made with flexible coils that can shift to take some of your body’s weight instead of leaving it all up to the mattress.

Foam mattresses, like innerspring models, should have high density foam padding. However, these mattresses have a thick latex solid core instead of using coils for support. Box springs made with wood are still a bad choice, but this mattress type wears well with either tempered coil or solid steel box springs.

Finally, airbed mattresses are made with high density foam or high quality fibers over vulcanized rubber compartments that hold air. Although you can also find air mattresses made with vinyl air compartments, you should avoid them because vinyl can stretch. You can use one of these mattresses on a coil or solid steel box spring.

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