5 Less Obvious Home Features That You Should Advertise

5 Less Obvious Home Features That You Should Advertise To Buyers When Selling a House
Showcase Features When Selling a House. If you’re selling your home, one of the best ways to attract buyers is to highlight the different features of your home that appeal to buyers. Some of the features that you should focus on are obvious, such as high-end kitchens, spa-like master bathrooms, walk-in closets, and outdoor living areas. These are features that you’ll want to advertise. However, there are other things that buyers want that you may not realize are a big deal. The following are five less obvious features that you might have that are big selling points for your home.

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1. Storage space
How much storage space your home has isn’t a very sexy feature to point out, but it’s one that has a big impact on buyers. People need storage space. Make sure that you highlight the closets in your home, whether you have a large pantry or extra cabinets in the kitchen, and if you have any built-in book shelves throughout the house. Buyers want to make sure that they will have plenty of storage space so that they can keep their belongings organized and easily accessible.

2. Proximity to neighborhood amenities
Buyers want to know how convenient your home’s location is to local businesses. Be sure to let them know if your property is near any grocery stores, banks, and gas stations. Being close to restaurants, cafes, bars, and neighborhood parks are beneficial. Are you right around the block from a small diner or a little Italian restaurant? These kinds of nearby amenities will help to improve the quality of life for whoever buys your home.

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3. Universal design
Many buyers are looking for a home that they can live in until their old age. Considering this, any universal design features — which are features that make the home easily accessible for people that are physically challenged — can help to sway their opinion on your home. Universal design features can include features such as a ramp that leads to one of your entrances, wide hallway spaces, a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor, a walk-in shower space, grab bars in the bathroom, and carpeting. Buyers looking for universal design will be more enticed by single story homes.

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4. Energy efficient features
Energy efficient features, such as Energy Star rated home appliances, tankless water heaters, LED lights, and dual-paned windows are huge draws for homebuyers. Not only do these features help to reduce the use of energy, thereby reducing the environmental footprint of your home, they reduce energy costs. The ability to save money on utilities over the long run is always a benefit that homebuyers want to know about when checking out your home.

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5. Environmentally-friendly features
Many of the same buyers that are looking for homes with energy efficient features are looking for homes that are environmentally-friendly overall. This means that if you’ve used recycled materials for your kitchen and bathroom counter tops or you used sustainable materials for your flooring, such as bamboo or cork, you should be sure to mention this in your listing.

Sellers can be so focused on what they think are the most unique features of their home that they may not highlight smaller features that are potentially huge selling points. Buyers may be impressed by that finished basement, but things such as universal design, nearby amenities, and energy efficient features are more likely to be higher up on their list of needs.

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